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So...PvP vendors/terminal in outlaws den?


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I love pvp. I hate waiting.


Would it be a good idea to have a set of armor vendors and a mission terminal located in outlaws den? There would be a safe zone of course, and will venture out at your own risk. I think this would add something other than just waiting on the fleet for a queue to pop.


I know there will be issues with this like low pop servers (derp) faction imbalance (dbl derp) and low levels (trple derp) but could this work? I mean with no dueling and what not I think this would be awesome, I have heard this idea tossed around so I know others thing the same way. This would help boost open world pvp I think.



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the idea has merit, but please choose another location for the level 50s.


i know outlaws den is attractive for its free for all setup, but it really is a lowbie zone.


at level 40, players get a quest to 'discover' the zone. the boxes that spawn around outlaws den drop recruit gear, enabling those players getting close to lvl 50 to gear up ahead of dinging.


if level 50s begin swarming the zone, it will only result in less players wearing recruit gear in warzones for their first week of lvl 50 pvp.


thing about how much you dislike pve geared nublettes in your warzones ;)

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