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PVP raid event


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Just an idea I had while talking with the general chat on Iron Citadel. Hit Adora up if you have any responses.


How about for the next event, you give certain players (one at a time, call it something along the lines of the Darth Malgus thing- trying to take over the empire) boss abilities and offer rewards for killing them?

Give them boss health of around 1.5m, boss buffs (increase their damage and prevent them from being moved by different players (so they couldn't be pulled into a hazard), interrupted, or stunned), and restrict them to certain planets (more than one).


This would cause a galaxy-spanning hunt, with a ton of pvp as both factions try to slaughter each other and get the prize. The ingenuity of the individual players would also come into play, as they could choose any number of locations to set up and defend themselves.


Obviously areas inaccessible to other players would have to be disabled or changed temporarily so that other players could access them (like their ship for traveling and such).


This whole concept would be completely new to the MMO community, creating a huge increase in interest for swtor. It adds to the pvp element for one, and would be completely fun and amazing for the other. Just set up a date and time with each player given the boss status so you can be sure they'll stay on or something.


thoughts, comments, improvements?

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