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Bioware you made two big mistakes.


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I hope Bioware is reading this or already know it and will look into it in the future.


Firstly, the imperial fleet was probably the biggest mistake you made, since your want to make the higher level players to hobnob with the lower level players, you need to get rid of the Republic and Imperial Fleet and make the main capitals (Coruscant and Dromund kaas) the main place with Flash Points and trainers and so on.


And secondly, you really need to cut alot of you're servers bioware, the other day i was queues for a pvp match, and had to wait a long time before i got in a pvp match(and not because alot was pvping, but because almost no one was pvping), and then i noticed when i got in, it was Empire players only i was fighting against, not an single republic was playing pvp.. (by the way, why can empire play fight against Empire with we're on the same team?? isn't pvp about fighting the Republic??)


Please bioware i'll hope will look into it.

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