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Solo Progression Through Presence Gear


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One of the things that RIFT did really well I thought was the inclusion of what they called Chronicles.


Special adventures for one (very well-geared) player or two players, Chronicles let you and a friend explore Telara’s sweeping story, fighting beside legendary heroes and earning rare items in the process.


While I am a pretty significant proponent of not introducing small group or solo content which leap frogs large scale group content progression I think Bioware already has the infastructure to implement something like this into the game and keep it something unique and special for those who enjoy the solo and duo play style.


That architecture is presence. As a stat it currently is only useful in situations where you can have your companion out with you. What I am invisioning are short dungeons tuned specifically to be completable either solo or in a duo. Expand the presence buff to buff your allies in these special format dungeons and you could make the dungeons drop presence gear.


This would provide another avenue of character progressoin and something for the more casual players to work towards without the usual camotion that comes with talking about introducing solor content.

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