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ETA on server transfers?


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I know its a one millionth post about this, but maybe it will get the attention of devs sooner like this.

I love the game, enjoy playing every aspect of it. But my server is rather dead, with 70 imperial and 50 republic on whole server. My current solution is to reroll with a couple of friends to other server and start over. But i don't want to do that, since i have 3 lvl 50's and 5 lvl 10 to 20's with legacy of 35. I am a veteran wow player, i have played the game for 7 years and i have never rerolled, i went trough ups and down of my class, under and over populated servers but i like to stick to my initial decision. Same appyes here.

So my question is(and i belie a lot of other would like to know this as well): When will we get server transfers?

I know it been stated it will be early summer, but i'm looking for a batter input, so i know if its worth rerolling or will transfers be up by the time i get to 50.

So, 2 weeks? 5weeks? 2 months? Please BW, be a bit more specific.


Thank you.

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did they ever stated or explained why it takes so long?

i mean the aussies/pazifik players had a smooth server transfer without any till only a very very small/few probs. so it works and they could bring the server transfers already now.

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