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Future updates.


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Hey guys, I was wondering what additions you would like to see in the game with future updates. (also one would hope someone from bioware would happen to have a look)


I was thinking they should add something more of a special ability to each race, for example, if you are a Miraluka, you should be able to see through stealth. (as you see with the foice and is mentioned during a cut scene with a sith who is in stealth that I could see just fine)

If you are a pure blood, then you should have higher force/willpower.

if you are human, I guess you could have extra strength. and so on. I guess you could use it like a buff or a very short move.

I think they should give you the option to change how you hold the weapon (lightsaber)

They should also let warriors use dual bladed lightsabers. also marauders maybe use a single and dual like in the return trailer.. would look cool.


thanks for looking, replies and sorry if you read all this and got bored :>

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