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Maximizing your BM gear


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that would depend on your spec now, wouldn't it?


for example, as rage, you want power over all, according to this: http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=146169


Vengence is different.


So, what I did as rage: get all the armor + weapon and focus and 1 relic (the power one), use matrix cube (3 X green matrix shard) as 2nd one. Use recruitment ear piece over BM (why? it has POWER). after this is done, buy 3 X BM gloves, rip out the mod and enhancement and place them in Chest, legs and boots (helmet has same stats as gloves, so no need to replace that). after that is done, gather 1440 rated WZ and 200 unrated and buy WH ear piece and after that the WH gloves for 2K rated WZ coms and then the implants I assume, haven't gotten that far yet, what ever upgrade grants you more power.


golden rule: "through power I gain victory" :)


Edit: this is Juggernaut btw. You didn't say with AC you were. If you are marauder, I'm sorry, you can ask someone else :)

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To get war hero gear you need to trade in battlemaster gear.

Put it this way:

Critical- how likely your attacks will critically hit

Surge- how much more damage your critical hits do

Power- increases bonus damage

Defense- your chance to parry, deflect or dodge an attack

Shield Rating- how likely your shield is to absorb damage

Absorption- how much damage your shield will absorb

Alacrity- how fast your abilities channel


Remember Smash has 100% critical chance, so you'll want Power to increase the base damage that all your attacks work from, and Surge to increase how big of a chunk of that base damage goes into your Smash crits.


For a full Battlemaster set you're going to need to find some mods/enhancements with some Surge in them and put them in up to 4 of your armour pieces. No more than 4 or you'll lose too much power and too much expertise. And use the weaponmaster implants, as they have both Surge and Expertise.


If you're doing it right, your expertise should be around 1000 (or just under), power at around 300-350 and your surge at least 250. Should be rockin' then

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