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Rep hardmode FP question?

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Hi I was wondering if there is an order of difficulty from easiest to hardest of the hardmode flashpoints? If so could that order please be listed? Im a fresh 50 jedi and was wondering how i should tackle these hm fp's.
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For me:


1.False emperor

2.Taral V(was number 1 before the fix of pulling the final boss)

3.Maelstrom prison

4.Kaon under siege

5.Dir 7


7.Battle of Ilum


8.Lost island


I would put Maelstrom Prison at number 1, otherwise I agree with this list. Cyclops is a hard boss because of his enrage timer plus LoS. After that though the place is very easy.

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Jip rest is easy but cyclops can be a real pain especially for a melee group. Hence why for me the instance is number 3, found fe and taral v easier.

The only way Daksh is harder for a melee group is if your tank gets clipped while kiting, in which case your melee won't have a chance to hide when he changes targets. Provided your tank is on the ball, though, it's not really much different.


I would say:


1. Maelstrom/Taral V

2. False Emperor

3. Esseles

4. Kaon Under Siege

5. Directive 7*

6. Lost Island


I really want hardmodes for Athiss and Mandalorian Raiders. Athiss is probably my favourite flashpoint overall, and MR has my favourite boss encounter (the opposite-faction party).


*Simply because you require a reasonable amount of coordination for the final boss. Swap with Kaon if doing bonus bosses.

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