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New Armor Model Suggestion (Armor Glow Effects)


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During downtime today I decided to start doodling and had what I thought was the most brilliant Idea. I had seen in the Q&A that you liked the Idea of color crystals for Speeder under-glow and thought that while you work on that you could possibly add armor models with glowing "Visors, Accents, Auras" that could be affected by color crystals as well.


I was thinking for instance on a BH you could have a visor in the mask that could be tied to a mod slot that used a color crystal and gave it a faint but Noticeable glow. The BH is the one I think of most when i think of this idea because of the obvious visor application but there are ways to incorporate it for all classes I'm sure. :jawa_angel:


Not only would something like this be a nice addition for customization but there would be more reason to buy color crystals as well.

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