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Further helping alts etc


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Make the currency tab legacy shared!


That's it. The tab that has all the commendations etc etc on shared between the legacy.


Why? Why not for one but for a couple of reasons.

I know they are doing their best to help and encourage alts this would just help that. I have 4 lvl 50's 12 crew skills to 400 and the last two are 350+ (have two alts 16 & 29) & will be 400 today when we get back on. 12+ companions finished storylines.


With alts they start with 200+ presence (bought human unlock) and they are way overpowered esp at lower levels (but that's a different conversation). You can trounce through levels getting crystals, orange gear/blue gear mods etc etc all made for you but it would be nice to use the planet accomodations etc. Lorewise I can't see why not - Oh you're married to/brother of/enemy and want to steal from etc it works for skills why not planet commendations but also it goes further.


A) It would finally make planet comms useful (well for me at least) by the time I have enough to use them I'm already levelled past or been alt'd gear way beyond what I could have spent them on in that since character 1 I have never taken commendations from a quest always the naff green/blue which if not for my companion (which is usually already boosted with alt crafted implants/earpieces orange gear etc) will just get sold.


B) I know of others that suffer. You make a game that encourages alts and then make it so that anyone with one char is always going to be miles ahead for the same amount of time. But yes I hear people cry but of course but why should they be so far ahead if I spend the same say 5 hours average per day should I not have the same things. To put it clearly. If we are aiming to get say the 200 daily comms relic a single char runs all the dailies for just over one week and gets it. Another person playing with 4 50's for the same length of time can't run all of them in the same time so takes just over 4 weeks and then get's 4 relic for the chars. This is fine you say but it isn't it means that the person with 4 or 5 or whatever alts is always going to be 4 weeks behind. Why not give one the relic after the first week and reset the dailies back to 0 it makes the same difference at the end of the day the player can only play one character at a time and it stil takes 4 weeks to get all the characters relic'd up!


Yes I can understand issues with weeklies and possibly even dailies but I think it would be a good idea to at least think about it. As a final example I only pvp with one char but I'm on a low pop server so join the queue and play even when I'm doing dailies for the other chars just to help it pop and I play and win/lose but it would be better if I could share that time/commendations back to the character that I usually pvp with (as I'm not spending those comms on the non pvp chars) rather than sit there bored stupid on my pvp char because pvp isn't happening when I could be doing something more constructive.


tldr; Read the first line - Make the currency tab legacy shared!

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