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healing in warzones, a small small gripe


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okies im an assassin on me main hittin 24k hps with differing mods both pve and pvp related to maximise me endurance. dont honestly help none but it looks cool when people cursor over you and go ftw:)


so im in pvp WZ bleaching out tier 3 harnessed darkness healing me for 398 per tick and overcharged saber and dark charge combos for 2600 per pop healin with a med pack for 3900 approximatly every 60-90 secs so i average about 60k healing per wz.......


now in this perticular wz i was goin hell for leather and hit 79k healin either for the 2.5k heal nor the 75k heal and did not proc a healin badge i gotta ask why is that i mean wheres my badge i know i hit 17 badges that perticular WZ but zomg it shoulda been 19 badges you catch ma drift...

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