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Accuracy? - Tanking


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I have a question about the accuracy stat. How important is this stat for tanking?


My stats atm:

Accuracy: 99% (melee) 108% (force)


Armor - 6914

43.03% Dmg reduction

28.01% Defense chance

54.70% Shield chance

34.50% Absorb


Reason I want to know is I RE Blackhole gloves enhancement and learned Advanced Bastion Enhancement 26

Thinking of replacing some of my other enhancements with this new (61) enhancement, but stats on it is:

Armor Rating 146

+45 Endurance

+57 Shield Rating

+22 Defense Rating


Some of my current enhancements have +accuracy, have I safe gimped accuracy for shield and defense. Can my taunts now miss? I can prolly add up to 100% by adding augment to lightsaber , bracers and gloves. Or when I augment my items can I add more defensive stats?


This question is for operations bosses if that is relevant.


Please don't link to another post with Tanking 101 teory stuff, Ive read most of them.

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Ty. As I figured I can miss a saberstrike once a while np :) But missing a taunt or chain-lightning with 3 hd stacks wouldnt be fun...


taunts cannot miss they are not based off acc like wow. Acc only effects melee skills. Since most Tankasins are using a thrashless tank rotation acc is pointless. I have 0 acc on my gear,implants or ear. Its nice to finlay get it all out even my weapon offhand does not have acc on them. also acc doesnt effect force skills. force skills have 100% chance. So basically saberstrike/trash/lacerate only benifit from acc.

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