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SWTOR's the best game ever


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But sadly, on Tarantatek, I play alone most nights.


I have played just about everything since UO, and I mean everything. AO, Shadowbane, The one made by the Greek company that was pvp based, Asherons Call Darktide, DAoC, Vanguard, EQ1/2, Lineage 1/2, AION, Planetside, AoC, Fallen Earth, EVE (woot!), Rift, WoW (not for long) you get the idea. I know Ive missed a few but the point is, NOTHING has kept my attention like this game since probably AC DT.


I want this game to do well,I really do. But playing it alone diminishes the experience to the nth degree.


Priority ONE right now should be server merges.


Think about it- IF the people that LOVE your game are ready to close shop over this, what do you think its doing to people on the fence?

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