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Sick of Server Maintenance


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You folks really need to change your server maintenance practices. I am getting very tired of having my playtime compromised by your excessive server maintenance schedule.


I play on the west coast so servers go down at midnight which is still well within my playtime hours. Most people work or have school during the mornings, days, and tend to play in the evenings and nights. At least everyone I know, that is. Including myself. I'm in school all day and study all night, so my only playtime comes late.


It's bad enough that you guys do this maintenance once a week, but lately it's been twice a week as well. This is unacceptable. I have never played an MMO that disrupts its players' playtimes this often.


I pay for access to your game for a month at a time. Not for a month, minus this chunk, minus that chunk, oh, and minus these other chunks of time as well.


I am not unreasonable though. I understand that you need to work out the kinks, monitor stuff, are still discovering and trying to fix all of the little glitches that are part of a newly launched MMO. But seriously, you guys need to cut it back to at least just once every two weeks or something.


Or at least just push it back a couple more hours. Evenings is prime playtime. Us on the west coast are getting screwed.

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Same deal with me man. I get to play 5 nights a week, and so far in the last 6 weeks I have not been able to play twice out of those 5 days a week i get to. I work swing shift so I don't get home until about 1030pm (pretty much right now I just got home). So I get an hour and a half to play if I don't eat dinner or whatever (which of course I am going to eat).


So I lose two nights a week of play. That's 20% and that's turrrable.


About to cancel sub if they keep this crap up.

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