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Share your build plz


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A trooper veteran rerolled to Gunslinger here :)


I'm mostly pvp oriented player using SS build at the moment. I'm only 40lvl but in love with the GS mechanics and CC/surv/DPH skills.


The current testing build now is this http://www.torhead.com/skill-calc#700bsrrdRRRGZ0cZGb.1

It's mostly anti-melee oriented due to the ridiculous amount of the crazy red-glowing-stickers on WZs.


I would really appreciate if you share the builds you use playing the class. And the reason you use it?


Thanks to all

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My general build. Sometimes I change to something more specific in SS or go DF depending on if I *know* I'm going to be working on a particular progression PvE fight, or if I plan on doing nothing but PvP for a weeks, but overall I like this build because it is very competitive for both PvE and PvP and an extremely efficient spec for doing dailies or fast HM FPs of any level.

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