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BBC News Report (8th May 12): SWTOR subs fall


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given the number of bugs and issues that paying players are dealing with is this the writing on the wall or is the spin doctoring believable?


I have a BH (my primary toon) which is now unable to progress his class quest because of a bug in Taris concerning invisible rakghouls and un-pickable quest related loot - this compunds with all of the other ongoing tech / bug issues Ive been tolerating since launch - this article seems to shed light on what tends to happen when a game or its ongoing patches create more issues, drama and frustration for its fee paying players than its worth.


your thoughts?

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We appreciate your interest in talking about subscription numbers but in the interest of consolidating conversations we are going to close this thread as there is already an active thread about it here. We suggest continuing your discussion there.


Thank you!

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