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war hero weaponmaster set


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Hey fellow sentinels.


I am just curious if anyone else has noticed the lack of power on the War Hero weapon master set.


Looking at other peoples sets, they end up with 2-3 pieces with the power, but ours is all crit/surge, the only piece with power being the helm (i don't count the bracer/belt)


Am I the only one disappointed with lack of power? or am i missing something and when i eventually get full War Hero that the extra crit and surge will balance it out.


I am still trying to work out exactly the best set up, but i was under the impression that power increased our raw damage, which i think will be better in the long run.


I am currently watchman spec, only have the WH helm and both implants/earpiece, so still a long way to go.


Also, i would like to ask peoples opinions on augments, 18 power/ 12 endurance vs 18 strength/ 12 endurance.

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Only need my offhand saber for full war hero, with power augs in all available slots. My stats fully buffed with stim:









i play combat spec and took the wrong implants with accuracy so you can expect your primary and bonus to be higher than that. looks to be right on track for crit and multiplier to me.

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Both BM and WH are low on power. I went the custom route replacing mods/enh out of the gloves to buff for power. Seeing that guardians have 2 choices of armor(tank or dps) It would be nice if we had 2 choices, i.e., between crit or power....

there is a debate on which is more effective for dps. For me i get more out of a power/surge combo since i can increase my crits with BS.

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Thanks for the replies.


My crit is at 29.85% atm. when i get the rest of the WH set i pick up another 160 odd crit which is around 8%.


So is it better to go full power augments over strength to balance the lack of power out?

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