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Best assault specialist build at 40ish?


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Well, this depends on how much PvP you do. If you mostly do PvE, I'd go for something like 0/6/25, with your next points going into Shield Spec. That gives you nice, strong HiB and elemental attacks, which is great for bursting down landscape mobs. Having Reflexive Shield up every minute is dead useful. I pop it every time there's a strong or higher in the pull, and it really cuts back on downtime between fights.


However, if you do much PvP at all, I'd strongly recommend going deep Assault. I split my time maybe 40/60 PvP/PvE, and I had this spec at 40. Assault Plastique is extremely useful in PvP. Assault Plastique followed by HiB -> SS/IP -> HiB produces a massive amount of burst. You'll never again have issues taking down tanks or healers. It's my second favorite PvP skill, beat only by Harpoon.


Assault Plastique is also really useful in PvE. It's one of your single hardest-hitting skills, and the CC effect is dead useful. If you put it on a standard/weak mob, they're out of the fight for a good 5 seconds between the panic and the knockdown, and they take a really strong hit. If you only PvE, it's better to go for the low-tier Tactics/Shield talents for a DPS boost. However, Assault Plastique is still a really useful skill for PvE.

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