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Wounding shot while moving? No!


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I really hate that when i use WS i must be immobile. Yes ok, it's a channeled skill but not require cover, than would be great if it is usable while moving. Say it all: best use of WS is in cover= can't be interrupted while channeled; 2 choise: making it activable while in cover or make it usable while moving. I think this: if u need to stay immobile for use a skill than u can stay in cover, or it is ridicolous. Opinions?
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huh? I dungeddit


Let me try and translate:

I really hate that when i use Wounding Shots I must be immobile.


Yes, OK, it's a channeled skill that does not require cover, as such it would be great if it was usable while moving.


As such, I think that the best use of Wounding Shots is in Cover because then it can't be interrupted while being channeled.


I suggest changing the ability in one of 2 ways:

1) making it only usable while in cover or

2) making it usable while moving.


I personally think that if you need to stay immobile to use a skill than you should stay in cover, otherwise it makes no sense to use it.



Make more sense now? ;)


My personal opinion is that Wounding Shots is fine as it is. In PvE standing still during the channel time is not an issue and in PvP knowing when to use it (i.e: creating the conditions to be able to use it) separates the Dirty Fighters from the Sharpshooters ;).

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