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Decrease the credits gained in Warzones please.


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Before 1.2, I was earning a considerable amount of money(I had 5million credits). After 1.2, I am down to 1 million credits.


Let's see why I am down to 1 million credits:

1). Legacy(Spent at least 2million credits on the useful unlocks)

2). Removing mods/enhancements/color crystals(You get the point) from other items, and moving them to other items, which totaled to around 1 million credits. After this, I had 2 million credits left.

3). Created a new character, and spent another million credits crafting, buying abilities, speeder upgrades, buying gear/ship upgrades, and buying the PvP gear.


Please nerf the credits Bioware. It shouldn't take 6 hours+ to make 100k+ credits, it should take DAYS. I'm sick and tired of actually making credits in warzones. I shouldn't be able to afford anything if I am a PvPer, I should be broke. Fail design Bioware, we are actually able to afford swapping mods, and purchase items for ourselves and our alts. Hopefully next patch, we lose 5k credits per warzone.


P.S. I actually make a lot of credits crafting, but swapping out the mods drains it all.

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I have a little addition for you, they should aswell destroy one random stack of items in your inventory/bank if you join a warzone


To all following posters:


Don't feed the troll!

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