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Expansion on the family/legacy tree


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Was playing around with the family tree a bit and had some ideas that could spruce it up a bit for people like me that like this little feature.


- Why not allow players to put non-playable characters into the family tree, this could easily makes the tree just a bit more logical. Add options for wives/parents/children/etc.

- On that note, it would be nice if players would be allowed to add certain companions into the tree like if they become romantically involved with the player.

- Also if non-playable characters could be allowed in the trees you could give the player the option to give them functions/jobs/roles with small perks. For example you can turn your non-playable father character into a merchant and it gives all the characters in your legacy to sell items to merchants at a slightly higher price.

- These job/roles could be made unlock-able, either through legacy level, credits or maybe tied to an achievement or codex entry.

- The ability to link to multiple characters, allowing a character to be someone's relative and add the same time another's rival for example.


Also a little criticism on the current state of the tree is that the automatic location assigning can be quite annoying as it occasionally drags the tree out way too far in a direction and makes it a bit annoying to look at. Like when brother and sister suddenly find a huge gap between them because you added a spouse or ally. It be preferable if you had some say about the location the portraits go.


Oh, and add a master/apprentice connection please...

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