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How is a LFG tool going to save this game?


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I personally am looking forward to a LFG tool. As soon as I leave the fleet I am removed from the chat of people on the fleet who want to do a FP. So I'm forced to choose between soloing misc. quests on planets or sitting around on the fleet doing nothing while I wait for a group to form. an LFG tool would solve this by allowing me to solo on planets while being kept in the loop of people who want to do a FP. As soon as a group forms I return to the fleet and do the FP. Zero time wasted doing nothing.


Heroics don't need the LFG tool as much since planets have a bunch of quests you can solo but FP really really do need an LFG tool since there is very little to do on the fleet otherwise. Not many people are going to wait more than a few minutes searching for a FP group before they give up and decide to solo quests on a planet instead.

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