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Two expansions supposedly coming in the next few months.


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Seems like a desperate act, but with the new dragon age developers coming to help out the TOR devs I'm sure this could happen, I hope its true as I dont want this game to die.


"To try and give the game a boost, EA plans to release not one, but two expansions in the next three months, bringing more content to the game, including player versus player content, additional achievements and a greater focus on guilds."

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If you've got nothing to say then don't say it.


If you would have looked through the forums you would have found all the information regarding this topic is already been talked about.


Thus, making this thread.



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SWTOR needs population fixes, not content fixes.


Two expansions. Are these free content patches or are they boxed prescription expansions.


I have no reason to buy new content when I can't get a new group for the current content without re-rolling on a new server. That's after re-rolling once already on a decent server that died soon after I hit 50.

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Hi all,


Senior Community Coordinator Allison Berryman has a post about what these "expansions" mentioned in the conference call mean right here:




This is referring to content patches (like 1.2 and 1.3), not to "expansions" (which most people think of as a boxed product).


Hopefully that helps clarify any confusion!


For further discussion regarding this topic, we're going to ask that the community continue to use the thread where the above quote originated from, which is this one:


Subs down 25%


Thank you for your understanding!

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