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I have a flashpoint idea


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It would be really interesting if (provided it could be balanced). I would add the following:


The light side choice would have the two teams fight the end boss together making the boss easier, while the dark side choice opens PvP. Winning the PvP match should give the winning side Warzone Commendations or PvP gear drop. The winning side should continue to the final boss and have to fight him alone, while the loosing side retreats running into another boss. Both bosses should drop the same rewards.


The problem I see here is that one team could finish the initial part of the FP before the other and you have to wait, or the other team can't finish at all because the lack gear/skill. Maybe the PvP decision should occur at the start of the FP.


I can't see this being implemented without a cross server LFG though as you would need 8 players to complete the FP.

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