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Make Legacy trans-server wide


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Now I don't care if Legacy names don't transfer from server to server, but why not make unlocks/legacy level trans-server wide? This would prevent players from having to delete characters to fit all the character slots in one server to unlock things, especially considering that some people had 8 character slots already filled by the time that the legacy info was even announced.
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Yes, the Legacy system is very odd in this regard. It's looking like it will take over a year to reach level 50 Legacy, but if you ever decide to roll a character on another server, well that new toon is just out of luck, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense. You'll need to spend yet another year re-leveling Legacy from 1 to 50.


Benefits I'd receive of re-rolling on my main server and not another server:

* Rocket Boost

* 200 Presence (from Level 50 Human + 10 companion stories from 2 toons - this perk is amazing at lower levels)

* 24 minute cooldown Quick Travel

* More race options (Chiss, in my case)

* Level 10 tier 1 speeder (After 1.3)

* Faster Sprint (After 1.3)


It's almost as if BioWare wants to discourage people from re-rolling on another server, which makes absolutely no sense.


I had a plan to make 1 Empire server and 1 Republic server so that I could experience every advanced class on both factions, however, the Legacy system discourages this. I am more limited in race options and lose out on 200 Presence from companion stories (which cannot be bought, so there is no other way to get this perk), not to mention, perks need to be bought twice, 7 million credits just for Rocket Boost to get it on both factions.


It's simply dumb that right now my Republic toons have 200 less Presence than my Imperial toons because Legacy is server bound instead of account bound.


Legacy level and perks really does need to be account bound and not server bound.

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I agree. I think that legacy needs to span all servers, even without sharing a name. Make it so you can have different legacy names on different servers, but still connect them. I've heard many times the thing about someone having your name on a different server, so just be able to change it on that server. I think that's pretty simple.




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