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Alliances (Guild Feature Request)


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I would like to suggest that BioWare consider creating 'Alliances' in SWTOR. An Alliance would basically be Guilds linking with other Guilds. A player would have a Guild tab/Guild player list/Guild bank etc, nothing would change from how the Guild system currently works, however they would also have an Alliance tab which would show the players of any Guild which is in the Alliance as well as an Alliance chat etc, you could even go as far as having Alliance banks.


The creation of an Alliance would be exactly the same as the creation of a Guild, you would require an existing Guild to create one as well as one other Guild, the Guildmasters of both Guilds would have to be in the same group to create an Alliance. From that point onwards either original Guildmaster would be able to invite any other Guildmasters to their Alliance. The two original Guildmasters would receive a title something like 'Alliance Founder', there would have to be two of these at all times, like there has to be a Guildmaster. Either of the 'Alliance Founders' leaving the Alliance would either give them the option to promote a Guildmaster of another Guild in the Alliance, or, if there are only two Guilds in the Alliance, the Guildmaster would be given the option to disband the Alliance.


Players in a Guild which is in an Alliance could possibly be given the option to show either their Guild + Alliance or simply their Guild name, like the current legacy title option.


You could even create Alliance rankings, number of NPC kills, number of PvP kills, etc etc. All the stats would have to be divided, probably by the total number of Guilds in the Alliance, as well to compare them with other Guilds. This would promote some nice competition between Alliances.


Creating a network of Guilds would solve some of the population issues as players would form part of a larger community and there would always be some people online you could talk to or play with instead of just asking random people. It would allow a diverse population of Guilds, like there are now, as well as providing all the benefits of having a huge single Guild, it would also allow all the Guilds to retain their individual identiy and ethos.

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