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A bit of realism would help here.


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(This is likely my last post in general, the attitude on the forums is so hostile that I wonder why no one though forcing inmate at Guantanamo to read it)


TOR is not going well. That's obvious.


TOR is not going as well as WoW. It's not doing as well as some competitors of WoW


Small consolation, TOR is not performing as bad as Warhammer, Conan, Tabula Rasa and CO at their launches. Also, TOR gameplay, for all it's flaw, is not desperately bugged or unworked compared to those games


TOR can be succesfull. But those forums will doom it.

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We are closing this thread. While we understand that players can be frustrated with the community at times, please understand that threads like this (even when made with good intentions) tend to result in flame wars and have little room for constructive discussion. In the future, we encourage you to create threads that foster constructive discussion and not ones which criticize the community.


We appreciate your understanding that we've closed this thread!

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