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CONCISE: HAZARDS, Heal/DPS Buff, and Companions


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I was thinking that the fun factor for Novare Coast might be increased if there were lava pools or mine fields that people could be knocked into... and create major damage or maybe almost instant death... at least something that is like the fire pits in Hutt Ball... i.e. map danger.


I doubt any changes will be made to novare coast; however, it's on the more enjoyable aspects of SWTOR PvP (and star wars movies)... the possiblity that you can fall to your death, fall into lava, etc... i.e. traps. Keep this in mind in future PvP map designs.


novare coast = no traps at all... not that fun imo... i dread playing it.


Imagine novare coast with lava pools or mine fields in certain key areas... between objectives... it ups the ante a lot and lends itself to hilarity in PvP.




Heal/DPS Buff for all PvP maps - Boost to 30% damage increase


I think the fun factor could be increased if the Heal/DPS Buff powerup would give some crazy increase in damage and healing output... right now, not many people even bother with it... it's a very 'meh' experience... versus... GET OUT OF TH WAY HE HAS THE DPS POWERUP!



New PvP Suggestion - Companions


Special map that allow you to bring companions... it might add a very interesting twist .... we level up with them, we should be able to PvP with them, bring them to all of Ilum, etc.... maybe not every PvP map... but some to allow companions... maybe novare coast to allow companions ? Imagine trying out a different companion in PvP... gearing them up... etc.

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Novare Coast actually does have hazards.


I tried to "go around back" from northwest to northeast turret in a sneak attack, so the terrain would prevent me from being seen. Stepped in a minefield and went boom. :D

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