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Space Combat


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I'm sure it's been expressed before, but I'm new to the forum scene.


I was hoping that in the next patch they could implement more space combat missions. When SWToR first came out, I had a blast doing them; even managing to get a few purple items from doing it so much. The only thing that irked me was that the designers went the lazy route and recycled some of the levels.

(You guys have done that on Mass Effect and both Dragon Ages; please stop it already)

My suggestion on "recycling", why not just have those missions scale with level/equipment of your spaceship.


- at level 15 I'd have to take down 20 fighters and a shield generator on a Destroyer

- at 25 now it's 40 fighters and all the generators and maybe an additional bonus mission or two.


That way you kind of keep a fresh way for players to still fly their ships. There is so much potential in making a more dynamic system with space combat; please keep experimenting!


A second suggestion would to implement some sort of free-roaming zone; maybe for crafting/gathering purposes, or even a way to pvp. I think dog fights in space/planet-side would be incredibly intense such as choosing a particular fighter/bomber/support craft and go head to head with the other faction.


I apologize in advance in calling the designers lazy, I know you guys have a lot on your plate - and you've done a lot to get SWToR to become successful, but you're better off not cookie cutter'ing your content - it becomes stale and alienates your fanbase.

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