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There needs to be some way to actually find what armor looks are available.


I'm playing this game purely casually & largely as a single player at present. But I like my characters looking "cool".


Beyond the latest raid gear & the same handful of looks that are always on the AH, there just aren't pictures of most of the gear available unless I specifically hunt through obscure blogs to check every single item in the 3rd party databases. So finding gear I like the look of gets dumped into the "Too Hard" basket & it's one less activity for me to do, which means I have one less incentive to keep playing.


Maybe eventually third party sites will cover this flaw for you, and implement a model inspection thing. But do you really want to rely on a third-party to do you work for you, do it well, and do it soon?


You can put as many great outfits in the game as you want, but if we don't know they're out there then we won't get involved in going and getting them. We need to see something before we can want it.


Some people would probably call refusing to hunt down every orange chestpiece in the game to find out what they look like lazy, but seriously.. get real. Most people won't bother.


An in-game feature that is similar to "that other game's" Mogit addon would go a long way towards getting people involved in scouring the universe to collect their perfect gearset.


Plus, considering plenty of that gear will probably require grouping, it'll even help provide more opportunities for those who don't care about appearances.

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