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Crystal Colours Should Mean Something


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I know the community asked to have the crystal colour unbind from alignment (and I'm not saying to fallback), but consider this...


If appearance is completely random to characteristics, we loose identity and become bland and boring. There are plenty of features still keeping this identities, like the light armor robes or... well, something else.


In my opinion (aka. IMO for those not used to none Internet vocabulary :p), the colour of the crystal should express it's nature and characteristics like:

Blue, normally used by the Guardians, it should buff Defense

Green, normally used by the Sentinels, it should buff Force Power (or Tech Power for Techs)

Red, normally used by the Sith, it should buff Critical

Yellow and Orange should be special some way and harder to come by, buffing respectively Power and Endurance, or even Accuracy.

Purple are rare and found with some powerful Jedi and Sith, I would say: buff Willpower.


In my perfect little world we would get rid of the other bizarre colours that have nothing to do with Star Wars, but if to make people happy, their buff could be as bizarre as their colours and give 50-50, like 50% Shield and 50% Absorption, or 50% Critical and 50% Surge, and so on...


Also, cut the credits cost to change crystals from weapons and sabers. It should be easy to people change it.

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I'm saying it should.


No it shouldn't. They way Bioware did it to start with broke EU Lore, because there isn't supposed to be a restriction in the first place. Saber color is supposed to be purely a question of style, and what color the person prefers.


Plus the way they did it meant that you had all these Sith running around with blue and green sabers because they were LS, or Jedi with red because they were DS.


Finally, if you start to tie color to some sort of class bonus, then all colors have to be equally available, you can't have purple crystals be rare, but give a bonus to willpower, when common blue or green ones give bonus to str or defense.

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I don't like the idea of restricting people to 1-2 colors based on their class or role. Sometimes I want to use my cyan because it matches my augmented gear. Sometimes I want to use black-red because it looks cool. Or purple with my tanking gear.
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