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Suggestion to Increase Healer Numbers


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Currently it can be challenging to find groups, and from what I've observed across a few servers and factions is the hardest role to fill is that of the healer. What got me to thinking about a way to increase healer numbers was an observation I made: I would be playing a healer myself if it didn't turn into such a slog (compared to playing a DPS or even a tank) beyond the mid-20s or so.


Option #1 - Introduce dual-specializations with spec-specific hotbar setups. If I were playing a Sorcerer, Mercenary, or Operative and specced DPS for soloing and easier questing I would cheerfully be willing to take on the healing role for a heroic or flashpoint if it didn't involve the hassle and cost of respeccing.


Option #2 - Introduce a passive mechanic to the healing talent trees that grants a bonus to Presence for every talent point spent in the tree. The bonus presence granted would need to be on an escalating scale so as to not unduly advantage those who merely dabble or dip into the healing tree. Such a mechanic would make healer's companions much more potent when they are solo or in an incomplete group but wouldn't impact their power level in full-group or pvp content.


The common thread here of course is "make it easier to level as a healer" - generrally by way of giving them a DPS boost when acting alone.

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