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Something No MMO has done before


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There is always downtime in games such as mmo's but no one has attempted to ever address such matters. What do you do when your waiting for your friend or family member to log on, or for your ops to form. What do you do when you are done with your dailies.


Everyone does the same thing and its still pretty boring, its called running around on the designs on the floor, following cracks, jumping on different walk ways, jumping down the unnecessary holes in the space station. Why cant there be fountains covering all the holes? Anyways, getting off topic...


Personally what one of the first things that I remember are story lines. You do them once, maybe twice and its seared into your memory, this game has done it so well. I loved the story line of the characters I have played.


What we tend to forget about are the little things, the little things that made the games that are seared into our minds as great memories. Sure, we remember the story line, we remember some cut-scenes.




Prime examples


Zelda ocarina of time for Nintendo 64 - Remembered for the story line, but how many things did you do to collect gold skullatullas and get the giant wallet, or the side quest to get the big gorons sword, did goofy jumping off things to get extra money, archery range mini game, bombchu mini game, collected the chickens for that one girl that kept letting them out.


Final Fantasy games - for the most part remembered for the story line, but there was always characters you could unlock, summons you could go find, (Final fantasy 3 unlock-able chars, Gogo, umaru and shadow)


Pogo.com - Their entire website are mini games, lol


The real suggestion is to just add mini games. Its as simple as adding checker boards, poker or chess(perhaps pazaak?) to tables that you can sit down at in bars. Something simple that anyone can play, something to do during down time between things.


Add carnival type games with rewards such as mounts and non combat pets, perhaps even rare looking orange gear.


Anyways, just thinking that there are tons of games with side things to do, sure, we could go find datacrons, but whats the point of gathering a ton of stats which our class doesn't even need.

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