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Fix Dysfunctional Grouping


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On my server (Shien) it is next to impossible to find a group for anything that does not begin and end on the Fleet. Without fail, I have had to leave almost all the group quests undone when I leave a planet because it is simply NOT POSSIBLE to get a group to do them. Sometimes I come back and solo them when I reach a high enough level, but by then the rewards are meaningless. Usually I just abandon them.


I believe that this is due to two core issues:


1. Server populations are incredibly low since 1.2. I won't say that people are leaving the game (i.e. cancelling their subscriptions), but they sure aren't online playing SWTOR as much as they used to. How can you get a group to do your 4-mans when the entire population of the planet is 3, even during prime-time evening hours? Fixing the bugs and server mergers NOW should be Priority One to retain players/customers.


2. The LFG system is useless- nobody uses it at all. We need a system that automatically compares OUR group quests with other people's group quests and alerts us when there's a match.

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