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CE Training Droid as Mobile Training-Dummy

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Hey Guys!

Has anyone used the CE Training Droid yet. I think it is pretty useless. What about to transform the item into a 5 minute mobile training-dummy with 1h cd? this would be really cool.

What do you think?


Greets FlykillaX


I mean this item:

Training Droid

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There was quite a KERFUFFLE over this in December and January on these forums, it seems; the general back-and-forth was "THIS IS NOT WHAT I PAID FOR" versus "WHAT DID YOU EXPECT?"


I fall firmly on the side of agreeing with you. Seriously, one of the only reasons I bought the digital download edition (it certainly was not for the misogynistic holographic dancer) was the training droid, because I was like "I kind of suck at this game and I do not have that much time to play, I need all the help I can get!" Well, thanks, little droid, but if your idea of "assistance" is "float around something for fun," then I do not need it. If it were a mobile training-dummy, that would at least give me the chance to try out new powers in a safe situation.

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