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Custom chat channels (/who)


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Is there any way to see who is online in a custom chat channel? I've created a custom chat channel for my guilds regular friends that go on runs with us. So far all i can find is it displaying when they login or log out. My whole guild has been inviting regular quality members to the channel for fill in personnel. All i can do is spam.. I try to keep all of them added to my friends list but when i login to an alt it's gone... Maybe something as simple as a text display when you login


You have successfully loged into channel bla bla.

use /4 to type in channel bla bla.

current members of channel bla bla online are: Ricky Skadoo, BoBo, Yogi, etc...


This would be a quick and semi easy fix i would think.. but I would prefer it to be available in the /who screen.

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