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Well i will 1st start off with something i do not think anyone has yet seen on Tatooine.

Why are we not seeing Krayt Dragons on Tat? They are supposedly a common creature on the planet and i have been all over the planet as a Sith & Jedi and never once have i seen one of them.

Also one thing i would more then love to see brought into the game is the ability to see what WarZone we are going to be loading into. Because i for one cannot stand HuttBall and leave it 90% of the time and hate the time it takes to load in and out, yes i know its only a minute or so each way, but like i said if we knew in advance then we could opt out and not face it all together.

Also on the topic of WarZones, why can't we in the Preferences get the option to disable the stuff in like Novare Coast & Void Star when attacking only where we see the animation stuff before you start? If we load into the WarZones later then everyone else we are stuck loading those and those take time and you cannot stop them from loading but only keep pushing the spacebar to fast forward.

And one thing i would love to see changed is the Battlemaster to War Hero gear conversion. What do i mean, when you go to trade in a piece of Battlemaster Gear you are given only one option and that is to get the same kind of gear from War Hero. Why can't we be given the option to trade in say a Batlemaster Survivor piece for a War Hero Stalker (example used Jedi)? That way we are not stuck trying to raise more Commendations to get the Battlemaster piece then needing to raise more for the War Hero piece!

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