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Need tips on my gameplay


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Just don't hate.




Finding that I am going OOM very fast, to the point where I can't finish someone off...like that healer you will see...any ideas on how to keep this mobility, dps and survivability but retain force longer?


When I was Telekin / Light - never go below 90% Force, yet in Balance / madness 100-0 in under 1min, seems wrong.

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I didn't watch whole thing but I can point out a few things,


1) why don't you have 600 force? You should have those 2 talent points.


2) you are not fast enough with your Pom procs. Every time that is up and you have mind crush up you need to make that your next key stroke, even when mind crush is down fire off a disturbance ASAP. The idea here is that next time you ct tele throw your working on a new proc.


3) madness is not mana efficient for non stop action. It's part of the trade off. Key bind your regen so every time combat drops you can grab a few seconds of regen before next fight.


4) stick with balance spec and maybe refine it. Post your spec for comment. I play this spec and absolutely love it. Very powerful, very survivable. Weakness is the out of force problem.

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