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Servers have lost way more than just 25 percent


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Sorry, but the numbers they released today were bloated. Here's how I can tell.


They made it a priority in the past months to launch the game in 38 international countries, in order to bloat the numbers for the investors on May 7th. In desperation, they gave out a free month.


I'm guessing the amount of US players with recurring subcriptions is very, very low - a mere fraction of the 1.3 million. It's safe to say a large majority of the players are international or playing a free month.


There is no way that servers that had 200 in fleet primetime back in Feb 1st (1.7mil) now having 15 primetime correlates to a 25 percent loss.


Fact of the matter is, the game is in very bad shape. Server merges could save the game, but are implausible due to Bioware's haughty and undue pride. Server transfers coming in the summer will leave some servers literally empty - likely only being delayed due to financial reasons by EA (too blinded by greed to fathom the long term money loss) - taking a huge hit on the current population.

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Yeah, they are going down with the ship still shouting, "We are Bioware, we are the Kings"...

How can this game be seen as a success on any level for a MMO?


The game already feels dead and sterile with the way the towns and cities are designed. The only way the game is fun is with lively servers with healthy populations.


I spend my play times alone.

1.3 million playing this game?



spin doctoring at its best....

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To be fair, the 400,000 subscriber decline is global; individual servers will be affected differently. This is why so many can report population problems and others report no problems at all.


I play on Lord Adraas, which has a health and stable population. I'm not sure the decline in subscriptions has affected my personal experience at all.

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