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Introduce a Team Deathmatch


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Ok so i have played for a good 2 to 3 months now and i have 2 lvl 50's a Marauder on the server Darth Malak. And a Juggernaut on the server Ajunta Paul And from doing WZ's day in day out i think there should be way more effort put into open world pvp kinda like illum used to be over the armaments and i personally and i am sure not the only one out there that does not like the fact that all u play in pvp is objective based wz's i used to play a MMO called shayia and u put together raids went out on a map and just had a free for all against the other faction that is the pvp i like Also u should implement a server/faction change if need be i played on darth malak but 9 times outta 10 all i would do is face off against imp's and now on ajunta i face off mostly against pub's witch is nice but i would have to say on the imp side we win like 1 every 20 wz's witch is very very off setting so just a few suggestions for ya or even server merge's u have to many to choose from i would rather have tons of people on a few server's then a little population on alot of server's i play mostly in the morning even on ajunta migh take me 1 or 2 hours if not longer to get a que to pop but just a few things i thought i would mention i love SWTOR and will be with it for as long as i can imagine so keep up the good work Bioware and hope to see more great things in the future
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