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Sith warrior vs Sith Inquisitor


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I was just wondering, between these to who is the most evil. (story wise)


After finishing my LV 50, pure DS V Sorc, I still say it's up to YOU. As YOU can roll each any way you choose. Now conventionally? Perhaps us Inqs, as we are supposed to be more scheming, power hungry, learned in the Dark Side, etc.

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Wow. Syphilis or gonorrhea? Late-stage cancer or full-blown AIDS?


The Sith Warrior has two major classes of evil: Killing everything in sight, and breaking the will of others (mostly Jedi) and leaving them alive to suffer in despair. (This often gives LS points because you didn't kill them!)


As a representative example, you can chat with a pair of Jedi who showed up to a rendezvous to stop you.

You can give them a long spiel about how you're not here to hurt anybody, you just want to talk, the Jedi who say you're bad are lying. One Jedi walks away. You can beat the other into submission, stir up his anger and shame, remind him that the Jedi are all liars, and then just walk away. Light Side points out the wazoo, but you just broke a man's will.



Elsewhere you can interrogate a group of Republic-aligned forces.

Force Choke the leader's lover until the leader breaks and gives you what you neeed to know. Kill everyone in the room except the lover, and let him live knowing that it was because of him that you got what you wanted.



The Sith inquisitor I've only gotten to Taris. Evil usually comes in the form of use 'em and lose 'em, stabbing useful allies in the back, gaining privileged information and then killing the would-be ally who told you.


As a representative example, you can (Balmorra stuff)

abuse an officer's trust, abuse his Sith son's more-or-less trust, steal what the son wanted, and murder both father and son. Then you extract information from a nearby scientist. You can offer the scientist safe passage away from the Empire, reassure him he'll be fine now that you have the info, personally call Imperial control for a shuttle, and announce "This man is a traitor. Take him in."



The Warrior is the evil that breaks into your house, repeatedly punches you in the face and makes fun of you for it. The Inquisitor is the evil that puts its arm around your shoulders, talks about the grand possibilities of friendship, wheedles your computer password out of you, picks your pockets, and then punches you in the face. Either way, your nose is broken and your stuff is gone.


The Agent has some startlingly evil possibilities and can do both intimate betrayal and the direct order for the murder of tens of millions, which arguably puts it ahead of both.

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Hmm I would say sith warrior personally. Since most DS choices for SI comes down to shocking people until they give you what you want. As the person above me said the SI is more of stabbing people in the back and once someone is used up you throw em away.


While the sith warrior just gets more evil as the story goes on. You can turn jedi knights, jedi masters and padawans to the dark side and manipulate a jedi master to murder a defenless opponent. You can drop a iron box ontop of innocent miners. Lets not forget shocking vette and that scene on alderaan.


The scene went like this



SW:So i am going to let her escape


Jedi master:Why would you do that?


SW:Cause only the jedi don't want her escaping and I refuse to put her in the prison again


Jedi Master: Your bluffing D:


SW:Lol no


Jedi Master: Ok i will kill her D:


*Jedi kills the darth*


SW:Just like a SITH :D now i am going to kill you now.


Jedi master: D:




Sith warrior is a jerk.


I would say the sith warrior breaks peoples bones and the SI is like a syringe in the eye.

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IMO SW are the Brutes of the DS force users. They are evil but use the force in a more physical way.


SI however is enveloped with the DS using raw evil force power to fuel themselves.


Id vote SI just because they seem to be more deeply infected with the mystic dark ritualistic powers of the force.

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Pretty much what's already been stated:


SW beats you into submission/kills you with sheer brute physical force.


SI makes you cower in submission/kills you via manipulation/mind tricks/psychological torture (although lightning plays a big part).


My SI is 50 and my SW is 36 so my opinion may change but I have to say- personally- that I find the SI more evil. Storyline-wise, maybe the SW does wind up being more of a conventional archetype of evil; not sure at this point.


Right now I'll say it's purely subjective. Which is worse, having your head severed or having your head left intact but your brain fried? :D

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