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Crew Skills need some better support ...


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1.2 is out some weeks now but we still got no promised gamebreaking crew skill changes.

the only thing that makes sense picking crew skills is critcrafting orange gear but what about all the rest ?

yes, we could RE some black hole and campaign stuff. but for what cost ?

weeks or months of farming for a chance of 10-20% to learn a pattern ?

this realls needs some adjustment.

best solution would be to add a new shematic vendor for armorings/mods/enhancements, implants,ears and relicts.

i would suggest the following:

100 daily comms for itemlevel 58 armorings/mods/enhancements

200 daily comms for itemlevel 58 implamts, ears

300 daily comms for itemlevel 58 relicts


50 black hole comms for itemlevel 61 armorings/mods/enhancements

100 black hole comms for itemlevel 61 implants, ears

150 black hole comms for itemlevel 61 relicts



this is still more than enough of farmwork till you got all the shematics you need for your crew skill but it will stop this endless frustration of RE highend stuff just to have a little chance to get a shematic out of it.


and before all of those endcontent raiders cry that this could kill raiding... why should it ???

all you get is a shematic to build something. you still need endcont raid materials to craft it !!!

and you need tons of it to craft a full set for your character.


once i thought pve guys raided for getting content clear and not only for gear same as pvp guys go fighting other guys for their own fun and not for the pvp gear.


next thing would be to add some black hole comms to the H4 corellia black hole dailys. on low populated servers its really hard to find groups for the H4 after the server population done their H4 once for the weekly black hole comms.

add 1-3 black hole comms to the H4 and there would be more people doing the H4 besides the weekly reward.


in the end crew skills need more full orange sets to craft.

at the moment only pvp players can get a full set of critcrafted orange gear.

but what about all the pve guys ? force them to pvp ? ...

add gloves and boots to all the existing sets of chest/legs/head you get from underworldtrading and all would be fine ;)

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