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(The Line Starts Here...) The Prequel Ticket/Movie Lines

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Putting aside any feelings on how the Prequel movies rated in my personal view, the one thing I am very thankful for in regards to the Prequels was the chance to experience the Ticket/Movie lines. Although the mainstream individuals looked down and mocked those of us who waited for days in varying types of weather for the movies; what they failed to realize was the community aspect we had the pleasure of enjoying in experiencing something we all shared a passion for. We only saw each other as Star Wars Fans and we had a blast.


It is that experience that I take most from the release of the Prequels, as I did not have the opportunity to take part of them with the Original Trilogy. There are so many amazing memories from those days. Even if the media could not stop asking the same questions to us over and over and over again including the fan favorite "Don't you have anything better to do than wait in this line this long?". Apparently the whole nation had nothing better to do if our motivations for waiting in line was news worthy lol.


There will probably never be another movie or movie series that will encourage me to do the line wait again, but what a great time it was. Anyone else out there who did the line wait?

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