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PvP - What YOU should be doing in warzones


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I think people just do not want to guard. It is a thankless task. If you lose the node, you're a nOOb, you sometimes feel alone after your 10th call for help - the list goes on.


It's about time there was a defender buff with medals, because I have noticed the slow rate which they awarded. on Civil War, you may not get any sometimes(bug). Rule of thumb, its better to have a stealth guarding but one who has the sense to call (mind zap) wait for help then attack - instead of watching 2 Guardians/commandos etc coming at them, fight them to the death, lose the point - then call.

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I know I'm not the best player in the world, but in at least 50% of the matches I've played, I end up guarding one of the objectives after capping it. The problem with that is that I'm playing as a healer and should really be out there healing my team. I'm constantly asking if somebody can come take over so I can heal, but so far only once has somebody listened.


Also, people don't seem to respond to calls for help 50% of the time ?


You don't need to be the best player in terms of combat, just a player who has the sense to watch nodes, call, etc - that's a key skill so many players lack. If you call for help and no one comes, I do what I can, die respawn then join the main group - because if they can't be bothered, I can't be bothered.

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Bump. Since there's been so many posts from Bads regarding quitters


Quitters- those no good non contributors who believe that every game is a win because they are on the team, then realize that the team they're on won't carry them, then spams the ops chat with 'noobs' 'L2P' comment instead of contributing, those who if they don't quit just goes afk and continues to spam the opschat - there are absolutly no defense to this behavior. If u Q in pug's you are bound to be teamed up with those who are less talented for the PvP aspect of the game. To think or even reason otherwise is naive, juvenile and childish. to avoid ending up with a team that u don't like or deem lesser in ability, you team up with those u know, know the trade, so to speak. But to whine 'bout 'Bads' in PUGS is like complaining about being wet standing in the rain . . .


Quitters are a sorry bunch of PvPers and if u are a quitter and haven't found a team you should ask your self, WHY You can't find a team!?


quitters in Ranked!? Just ban them for life, IF you can't cope it when you Q in solo Q, and the possibility to be teamed up with a lesser PvPer DON'T Q in solo Q, Get a team and Q in Group Ranked, practice and practise again to gain stardome.


If you are a Quitter You have no excuses, Your just the Ultimate *BAD* !!!

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The thing that continues to amaze me in these games is that the quitters think that a comment like "to many noobs" or "OMG you are ****" justifies them leaving the game.


If they want to quit then just quit.... i really don't care. I'm doing my best and learning what I can in the WZ. But please don't make a ridiculous comment like the above. You're probably making things harder by quitting.


However, and I am sure it was raised in this thread way back............ those kinda people (and they are a 'kinda' people) almost certainly will not be reading this thread.



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