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Damion, someone, we need more info please


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Dzkiller: I’ve been looking for purple-colored crystals for my Lightsaber for a while now. I want to know where and how we can get it because I'm tired of walking around with a red Lightsaber for my Sith Sorcerer while the Character Progression video for the Inquisitor showed a Sorcerer with a purple Lightsaber.


Damion: We really wanted purple Lightsabers to not be trivial for anyone to get -- some things, a player should have to work for a little. That being said, this seems like an excellent opportunity to use some of the awesome fansite resources on the internet. The truth is out there!


Please elaborate. I see more and more discussions with unreliable info. Tell us how to get a darn purple crystal. Before you all reply with flames/whatever, please remember:

Magenta is not Purple

Selling the pre 1.2 purples does not answer my question


If our only option is PVP, then I'm just so sick of this crap. There is absolutely ZERO reason to withhold purple when THOUSANDS of NPCs use then, plus the HUGE precedent from Old Republic history.


All I am asking for is a low level option for purple just like red, green, and blue.

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