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Feeling Nostalgic


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this is the story of the death of my friends


anyone else feeling nostalgic toward the days before swtor released? let me explain in further detail


months before the game released swtor had the best community i could think of i used to go on for 4 hours a day roleplaying with people on my friends list it was awesome infact i think i would prefer it over playing the game right now nah i still like playing better. but anyway i use to roleplay all the time and talk to my friends on xat chats all the time my friends list on xat is in like the thousands i use to just chill with my homies.


but then the forums started changing.......


we couldnt post visitor messages to each other anymore this was really cutting the community off from each other me and my friends felt segregated but we still had private messages, there was a thin line keeping us all together and that line was EXTREMELY thin considering they were private messages this caused the end of roleplaying for me


it changed even more...........


then i couldnt even send private messages this effectively killed my friends list and the community for me this completely segregated me, when the game dropped i couldnt even meet up with my friends to get on the same server we couldnt even talk to each other so now everyone on my friends list i cant even talk to and they were my best buddies i just really miss the days before swtor dropped and there are some more people that feel the same way (i asked around on xat at least there are a few people there)

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