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SWG - Starsider Player Check In


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I was Starsider from launch to post NGE- I'd say I played for two to three years. I was Steq Katarq, founder of <Swoop> and later member of Venja. If you remember swoop races on the server, I started that semi-successful endeavor. I'm going on Jung Ma within the next three or four days. If you are interested in RP contact me here on the forums first.




I'm a little disappointed more people didn't post their SS toon names :(

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Starsider vet checking in.


Played a Jedi named SnapCracklePop from launch to the NGE.


I'm now leveling a sentinel on The Fatman under the name Tedtheripper.


Anyone know whatever happened to H'bsr and his NYC gang? I still have PTSD over him roflstomping me through most my career in that game. I remember people would form huge raids just to take him down.



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Starsider was my main server... the vast majority of folks probably wouldn't know me, but my main toons were:


Sannee - LSJ

Feiapa - DSJ

Crioson - Ent

Obreiann - Trader

Yuwana - Trader

Sandhi - LSJ


In SWTOR I play on Grand Master Zym (Republic) and Eidelon Security (Empire).



Fade to Black...

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I played on SS from 05-11. My main was a smuggler named Darshin Caldeira. I also played a zabraki DE that had a shop (Dune Sea Droids) in Mos Carova. I now have characters on Jung Ma, Lord Adraas, and Sith Wyrm. Edited by dailus
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Its Tutto / Brunk from -NRA-. Shout out to Djinni, Lipocap, Foomanchew and that old scaly lizard Fieldmarshall. Certainly miss our cities, robust crafting circle, raids, death squad crafting runs, and flawless krayt dragon pearl camping. My highlight was getting first Reek DNA on server, then waking up next morning to find 2nd Nexu DNA in my inventory after sleeping all night with macro running. Found this article being all nostalgic and all, http://swg.wikia.com/wiki/-NRA-_(PA).


Shout out to everyone else from Starsider!!! Our server rocked till the last minute!


Anyone from -NRA- still play TOR or or the EMU? Would be great to get back in touch. I'm currently on Jedi Covenant, you can usually find me on Turkelton or Palpe.

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