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Returning player needs info


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So I've been with TOR since launch, never unsubbed but due to work have been away from the game for about 2 months or more. I return to a brand new look forum and reading some of the posts here it seems a bunch of new 'stuff' in game too. I've looked over the patch notes but don't see a MASSIVE amount that affects my toon. Many of the posts I'm reading seem to be the 'oh woe is me' type for my spec, Inf Shadow (I was running the upheavel spec btw and only play PVE). Is it really as bad as all that? Or is it 'just the forums'?

What 'new things' should I look out for or should I just play the same way I was a couple of months ago and not worry about it?


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As with any MMO, ignore the massive forum QQing. Your spec hasn't change too much so you'll be okay, but don't forget to redo your skill points (they were reset). New things for you to do:


- New flashpoint (Lost Island)

- New ops (Explosive Conflict)

- New dailies (Corellia Black Hole zone)

- The Rakghoul event going right now, everywhere

- New WZ (Novare Coast) if that interests you


Have fun!

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