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Galactic Dire Wolves are recruiting....


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:sy_republic: We arent much into the hard core pvping nor hard core heroics yet because well, theres not many people in the guild yet :rod_mad_p: Therefore we are looking for new recruits to help us arange killer pvp groups and the best heroic/flashpoint groups. As a pack we stick together and I'll always strive towards that. So if your willing to join a laid-back group of people that love to have a good time playing then whisper me AlphaDireWolf, or Carmine for an invite. Hope to see you guys and laids in the guild, theres always room for new people. :sy_republic:
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Greetings Netsu_Taion!


Welcome to the forums and we wish you good luck in your guild recruitment! We ask that threads in this section revolve around discussion of the Star Wars Universe (such as books, games, movies, etc). We ask that all guild recruitment threads are placed in the proper area through our Server Group Forums.


You can choose from 4 groups for servers:







Then depending on where you have chosen, you would choose the correct alphabetical area and then the Guild Recruitment section to post in.


Thank you for your understanding and good luck!

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