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Haters gonna Hate.


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For some reason i really, really hate Arsenal Mercenaries.

I don't feel the same way about Gunnery Commandos though, its a weird thing.


If i just heard that Tracer Missile sound i instantly start looking for that Merc and vent all my frustration on him in any WZ.


I'm usually pretty calm when it comes to PvP, but for some reason they just annoy the balls out of me.

No offense to anyone playing an Arsenal Merc.


Does anyone else have this? Or am i just weird?

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as a arsenal merc I agree with you.


I hate when people spam one skill. I try to throw in as much of my other skills while still using the tracer to get the bonus to rail and heatseeker.


I think of commandos with their grav round the same way, I will go out of my way to keep them moving so they cant use the damn thing. I dont get all balled up with hate and anger though, just dislike the fact they think it is a "I win" button.

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